1. Humless Pickups are made to order.
2. Prices refer to standard versions according to published specifications.
3.  Special designs of pickups according to the customer's specification are possible. Special versions as well as conditions and prices agreed individually.
4. Order processing time determined individually.
5. Delivery method: cash on delivery or shipment after payment to the account or agreed electronic payment.
6. Money-back guarantee within 2 weeks of purchase, provided that the pickups are returned without signs of use, in complete and original packaging and with full length cables.
NOTE: The possibility of return applies to standard executions.
7. In the event of price changes, the prices on the order date shall apply, unless otherwise agreed.
8. Warranty in accordance with the applicable regulations in the country of delivery.
9. The warranty does not cover damage caused by the User's fault in connection with improper use. Then there is a possibility of a paid repair under previously agreed conditions.

1. The type and version of the pickups should be specified in the order.
2.  Provide a shipping address.
3. I inform you about the execution and readiness for shipment by e-mail.
4. Before shipment, the payment should be made to the bank account in the e-mail.
5. After the payment is credited to the account, the pickups will be sent by Poczta Polska.
6. There are no prepayments.