HUMLESS-H  humbuckers

Hey Jurek,
Thanks for the great support. The Humless H52 and H50 are working great.
I live next to a tram station with high voltage power lines next to my studio. With my old pickups it was nearly impossible to play in crunch / high gain or even clean high compressed sounds. Even with Humbuckers i had a very high EMI Noise (Electromagnetic interference).

Before buying i was sceptical that the problem could be solved. Everyone told me that this can´t be a solution for my situation.
But with the Humless Pickups the problem is almost gone completely even though the power lines are directly next to my window. Even split mode isn´t a problem anymore. I can finally enjoy crunch/high gain and clean high compressed sounds again.

Beside that i really like the sound of the Humless Humbuckers. The neck pickup is clean,warm with a high attack in split mode. The bridge pickup is hot enough to deliver a good output for high gain sounds. Compared to my old Seymour Duncan pickups they feel a bit more open and precise.
Philipp - Germany
I would like to congratulate you on the concept of the pickups, it is very interesting.
The resistance to the hum of your pickups is amazing.
I have yet to come across such clarity among single-coil pickups.
The pickups are very dynamic (fast attack).

Tomasz Dziewulski - Mayones Guitars & Basses
HUMLESS-S (Strat type)
I tested the pickup that you gave me. I think it is a very good and very good-sounding pickup. 

Wojciech Hoffmann - TURBO
HUMLESS-H  humbuckers
I had the pleasure of assembling your humbuckers in a custom-made copy of the PRS. The pickups fit perfectly into standard sockets and frames. You deserve a big plus for the very high quality of workmanship and clear assembly instructions, but this is not what amazed me the most, but their sound - a fleshy, pure humbucker behaves like a perfect, clear and very dynamic single coil after disconnecting the coils and it is an absolutely quiet single coil without the slightest hum!
I pay a lot of attention to the fact that the instrument must be quiet enough - accurate shielding of the electronics socket and pickups is the basis, but even this did not give 100% silence in single mode, even with the use of the construction of leading manufacturers from the USA or Germany.
I am delighted with your design and will definitely recommend these pickups as top-class accessories for my custom guitars.

Marek Dąbek - Stradi
HUMLESS-H  humbuckers
I warmly welcome. I would like to share with you my opinion on the purchased pickups. I'm very happy. Clean sound, a wide range of sounds with these disconnected coils, dynamic attack, full sound. And what is really important ... no noise and hum!
The man who assembled it was surprised before he got to work, he introduced me to the proprietary pickups and said that humbackers ... he understands that, but single coils by always have this noise ...
And I turned on full distortion and switched between different options without even muffling the guitar with my hand.
It works ... Best regards and thank you again.
Waldek - Warszawa, music band "SLANG"
Guitar: IBANEZ

Everything works fine. The hum resistance of these pickups is amazing (striking, of course, in the positive sense of the word) and the sound can really feel those glasses... The original pickups were muddy.

Robert Pawelek JIMI - Jawor
I assembled and set up the guitar with the yours pickups: two humbuckers with disconnectable coils and a single coil. Pickups sound great, they are sensitive and at the same time dynamic, strong, they play very clean and lucidly. The guitar - Jolana Strat, reconstructed and renewed, works great with your pickups. The pickups do not generate hum even at maximum amplifier settings. Previously, the guitar was fitted with single-coils with Alnico magnets that generated a lot of noise at higher settings of distortion. The guitar has an H-S-H circuit with detachable humbucker coils (there is no hum after disconnecting the coils). Thanks to this configuration and disconnectable humbucker coils, a variety of sounds can be achieved.

Mariusz Sawa - Zamość
HUMLESS-S (Strat type)
Hello. In accordance with your request, I am sending my impressions of the pickups. I work a lot on projects and record in my home studio. So far, the humming sound of my basic guitar with single-coil pickups have been a real bane, despite the fact that the guitar has a shielded chamber and the equipment is fully functional and grounded. There was practically no question of using distortion.
After mounting the "HUMLESS" pickups and turning on the amplifier, at first I thought that the guitar did not work at all !!! - there was a hitherto unknown silence. Only playing a few phrases showed that everything is OK.
For me, these pickups are a revelation!
They give a clean, typically "singular" sound. Now I can play cleans even quiet passages with absolutely no humming or background noise, with very detailed adjustments. I can also use distortion in any settings - nothing hums. That's exactly what I meant. Thank you and best regards.
AZ - Warszawa
HUMLESS-S (Strat type)
SUPER pickups !!! Zero hum, crystal sound. Everything as described. Quickly and efficiently.  
MAGMAR - Warszawa
HUMLESS-S (Strat type)
Hey, great pickups. There is indeed no hum. Clean amazing :). They react specifically to setting the distance to the strings.  
Marcin P. - Poznań
HUMLESS-H humbuckers
It sounds great, I have no objections to make - professional.
Maciej K. - Śrem
HUMLESS-H humbuckers
Hello. I learned about your pickups from a guitarist friend. For a long time I have been looking for humbuckers with disconnectable coils that would not hum when one coil is turned on. I tried Kinman's, but they are very expensive. It turns out that the darkest place is under the lantern :)
HUMLESS humbuckers is exactly what I meant. Great sound in both modes. Thanks.
Andrzej S. - Gdańsk
HUMLESS-H  humbuckers
in Fretless guitar, made to individual order of a well-known Polish guitarist by the outstanding luthier Marek Dąbek - STRADI - Symphony Bass  (Facebook - https://pl-pl.facebook.com/symphonybass/)
HUMLESS S-SPARK (Strat type)
The pickups exceeded my expectations - in terms of sound, this is what I dreamed of. Compared to the two high-end (TESLA) humbuckers, the noise floor even of the Humless single-coil is LOWER! In the case of the previous single-coil (Merlin) we could hear mostly interference from a nearby cellular telephone transmitter and other radio transmitters - I am in the center of Warsaw, so there is plenty of it here. So I was hoping to reduce this noise, especially because I have my own home studio and it would be appropriate to have a noise-free sound for recording. And I have such now.
The jaw just drops.
I don't know how you do it, but it's brilliant.
I would like to thank you for the quick action and great equipment!
Mat Stryjecki - Warszawa
HUMLESS-SB (Strat type)
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Here are my impressions of the HUMLESS pickups.
First, the pickups look very professional. Compared to the American ones, in which, instead of springs used to adjust the height, there are rubber sleeves, yours pickups give the impression of a product that is refined in every detail.
As for the main features, they really confirm the description that their characteristics contain. Of course, they do not hum and they perfectly reflect all the nuances of articulation. While playing my Stratcaster so far, I had the impression that there is some distance between what my fingers are doing and what I hear in the amplifier's speaker and I was never completely satisfied. While playing without an amplifier I felt this guitar well, but after plugging it into an amplifier, there was always a problem. Now I played a little bit and I can see that this is how it should be.
Very good pickups! Greetings.
Wojciech Jarosz - Ciechanów
HUMLESS-H  humbuckers
in the honorable service of the "ŻUKI" band (MUSIC THE BEATLES)
In the photos: Mr. Adam Staniszewski's guitar rearmed with HUMLESS-H humbuckers.

"Mr. Jurek, humlessiki sound perfect" - Adam Staniszewski
(Facebook - https://pl-pl.facebook.com/adam.staniszewski.963)
HUMLESS-H  humbucker
in luthier guitar made by Mr. Marek Dąbek - STRADI.
(Facebook - https://pl-pl.facebook.com/symphonybass/)
HUMLESS-H  humbuckers
in the Ibanez ARZ6UCS "Prestige" by WOJCIECH HOFFMANN (TURBO).
The guitar was equipped with a PUSH-PULL switch to disconnect the humbucker coils, which also significantly increases the palette of sounds (zero humm also after disconnecting the coils).
I am delighted with pickups (H-S-H set): the sound quality is knocking down, transparency, brightness and depth, power and balance. As if there was a whole staff of tiny people in a pickup truck and analyzed every sound of the strings to expose it in one hundred percent!
I recommend your products to my clients.
After picking up Ibanez's guitar, the customer then flooded me with text messages almost until midnight that he was in shock and could not tear himself away from the guitar, he did not know that his guitar, effects and stove had such a palette of possibilities, as if someone had added new colors to the palette of sounds. .. :)
And I would like to add that with humless pickups it is as if someone opened wide a door that was only ajar all his life :)

Luthier recommends Humless pickups
Yours sincerely, Kamil
LUTHIER - Pracowania Lutnicza Kamil Wesołowski - Warszawa
I swore that I wouldn't mess with the guitars anymore, but ...
I lost to Humless Pickups, which I highly recommend!
The pickups sound great, have a balanced sound, no noise and hum, and a number of solutions in connection (push-pull) result in a lot of professional tonal possibilities.
I recommend it because it's worth it.
Krzysztof Misiak   K-of-M
HUMLESS TB-N (Telecaster Neck)
Thank you very much for sending the pickup. I dreamed of this sound, with a wonderful "glass" accent of the single.
I installed the pickup in the Ibanez Talman guitar. I chose the Humless pickup, because the original Ibanez pickup was quite easy to collect "air" noises, and besides, I definitely needed something with a larger "character".
The installed pickup fully fulfilled my dreams - he talks beautifully. And zero hum.
I can't wait to use it on stage.
Cordial greetings,
Mat Stryjecki   *  STRYJECKI / TOMANEK  *  stryjeckitomanek.pl
HUMLESS-H  humbuckers
in Marek Dąbek - STRADI baritone guitar exhibited at the NAMM 2022 international music industry fair (USA, California)

HUMLESS-H  humbucker
in new luthire guitar by Aleksander Milwiw-Baron made by Marek Dąbek - STRADI.
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster

I managed to install the pickups and they sound great and are quiet as a mouse!
A.M. /  Slovenia
Opinions written by users of HUMLESS pickups.
The humbuckers HUMLESS-H were given to the SCORPIONS group at the request of the band's guitarist.